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Breakfast in the sky

And so the adventure begins!

The first week here has been such a whirlwind! With some funny anecdotes, amazing people and total bewilderment. Let’s get started..

Touchdown in Melbourne after getting the low down on Melbs by a man on the plane, already felt integrated! One thing is for sure that the Australians are the most friendly people I’ve ever met. After arriving at the wrong hostel and having to walk a hell of a long way with my rucksack, and much help from the locals, I made it to the hostel. I’m staying at YHA Metro in North Melbourne, slightly less social than I would have imagined but very clean and respectable! There are free trams and wifi pretty much all over the city centre which is a real plus if like me you didn’t unblock your phone before you went away… yes I’m that idiot 😜

The first day consisted of chilling out and getting bank cards and phones sorted. Here I met probably the only unrelated Australian I’ve seen so far! A slight woman, whom one may expect to be calm and in touch with her inner zen crept into the phone shop unsuspectingly and erupted like I would imagine Vesuvius to do if ever it was downsized and metamorphosised into the body of this woman. Screamed the place down shouting “ya rude c**t”, even more funny in the Aussie accent I might add, proceeding to follow a young innocent, and significantly camp, looking boy around the shop demanding to be served. After leaving and coming back for the finale of a truly breath taking, loud soprano of Β her latest creation “ya rude c**t” she left the shop and us in complete shock. I felt like I had seen a snippet of a Lady GaGa concert. I went to watch the tennis on the big screens in the city, very relaxed!

The next night was the bar crawl with our hostel, where I met one of my room mates and another girl. The bar crawl is one of the best ways to meet people in hostels! We met up with the Central YHA which made us a group of around 30, it’s so much fun and amazing for socialising!

The next day I went for the day with some people I had met in the hostel, which led to a BBQ in a friend of a friends apartment and a very unplanned night out!

Balcony BBQ

I have dfinitely discovered the night life of Melbourne! This photo is a shot from the balcony views of the apartment. We checked out a place called Glamorama on Fitzroy St, definitely one to try out, with dim lighting and groovy beats this place has an underground grungy feel.

My first travelling pals

St Kildas beach was my next exploration, however the length of time it took us to get there is comical! Someone from the hostel told us about penguins on the beach in the evening time so one room mate and a friend and I asked if this guy would like to come with us. He showed us the views from his apartment which, after so much wandering around were nothing special alongside those from our hostel πŸ˜‚ We were given a guided tour of the tram line from Melbourne centre to St Kildas beach, the strangeness of the whole day just cannot be explained, in short this guy is bat shit crazy.. He informed us his nice past time is knocking back a few beers in the local graveyard, I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one! After telling a white lie we hightailed it to a BBQ, or at least we tried to! The tram system can be confusing especially when you need to work out the cheapest route if you’re in the paying zone! After seeing just about everywhere we didn’t need to see and no where we did we packed it in for the day and had a glass of wine on out hostel rooftop!

So that was it for that hostel for a few days as I packed a bag and went to go hang out with a friend from home!

Ill keep you posted!

G’day! βœŒπŸΌπŸ’š