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To start with, here’s a map of the Great Ocean Road (GOR), we are following the coast from Melbs to Port Fairy.

So we rented a car from Jucy in St Kilda which is a really reasonably priced backpackers car rental, around 40 bucks a day for a compact car. We packed it all up and got on our way… one problem, the stereo system randomly decides to blast out music every now and then, the car beeps when you start it and refuses to work and sometimes doesn’t even let you turn the key. All fun and games though hey πŸ˜‰

Off we went to Kennet River, along the way we stopped off at some lovely beach views down the Great Ocean Road, the views are really breathtaking and the photos do not do it justice!Β 

Although I didn’t take a picture of Kennet River, without you having to google it it’s like any other camp site but it really is in the middle of nowhere! The towns down the GOR are minuscule compared to the city, some spanning literally as far as a few roads with one main strip of a few shops. Suprisingly enough we didn’t take any sleeping bags or sleeping mats so we spent a rather chilly night on a hard floor, nothing makes homelessness more apparent than a cold hard floor hey. An experience to say the least!

Read my next post to hear about the day ahead of us!