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It’s a long one…!

This was a day full of exploration and sight seeing, by far the busiest day I’ve had since I’ve been in Australia.

First stop was Joanna’s beach. It is the second most dangerous beach in Australia and swimming is never permitted! The rip tides and massive waves make it so dangerous. It is home to Ripcurl and Red Bull surf competitions, so that just shows you have to be pretty crazy and strong to go in!

Second stop was the Twelve Apostles; it is given this name purely as a tourist attraction but is labelled one of the seven wonders of the world, and it really is breathtaking! Now w can only really see 7 of them because so many have been weathered away from the sea. On many of them you can clearly remark the wear and tear of all the years in the sea being constantly thrashed by the relentless waves.












The weather wasn’t too great to take beautiful pictures but these will give you an idea of what we could see! No doubt google might make a more lasting impression on your mind than these!

Next stop: London Bridge

After some rock fell away connecting two large bases of rock not dissimilar to the apostles, an English couple were stranded on the piece of land furthest away giving name to the attraction: The London Bridge. Luckily no one was hurt and the English couple were rescued by helicopter soon after. The story has gone down in history and the site sees many tourists discovering the history. The couple are buried on the site together now, after staying together for their lifetime!

Another stop off for some sight seeing was the Loch Ard Gorge shipwreck area.

This is where a ship travelling from England was shipwrecked into a little beach and this time unfortunately many died. The beach has a slight impression of ‘The Beach’. It is a tiny little bay along the GOR. There was even a guy buried there from Yorkshire! You know what they say you can’t go anywhere without meeting a Yorkshireman… just didn’t think he’d be in a tomb 😉

Our final stop before Port Fairy was the Grotto, it is a beautiful spot along th GOR and aside being littered with Chinese cameramen and the odd escapee of the barriers flitting across the rocks dicing with death it was a pleasant little look out over the ocean!













Port Fairy:

A quaint little house not dissimilar to how I would imagine ‘The Little House on the Priary’, the hostel is a renovated cottage! The inside of the hostel looked like a very old house with antique furniture and little outhouses which were the bedrooms. The outhouses were surrounding a grassy outside space with a BBQ and picnic benches. The room was very small but for one night it really was very cute!