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Today was an early start but unfortunately it was raining so it put us back a little. Our first stop was Tower Bridge National Park. It homes much wildlife, all of which we saw ……. a flat tailed lizard. Haha. The kangaroos were already hiding away as well as the koalas and other wildlife! Despite this we had a lovely walk around the national park, a little exercise walking up and down hills as this is actually an old volcano site! We labelled this spot Jurassic Park!

Our final sight seeing spot was Erksine Falls where we saw the sixth most dangerous snake in the world: the tiger snake! It can kill you in a few seconds we were informed! Many many steps awaited us after seeing the beauty of the waterfall but hey, a bit of sweating never hurt anyone.

On our way into Touraquay we finally saw some kangaroos, funnily enough they were on a golf plane!Β