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Arriving the evening before and setting up our camp, we had a BBQ and drank some goon!

Throughout day 5 we had a little wander around Torquay (still pretty small) and went to some outlet surf shops for some retail therapy, however we didn’t buy anything!

Jade got an infected toe so we all took a trip to the doctors and she paid 100$ for about 2 minutes of medical attention πŸ˜‚

After this we went to the beach and booked our flights to Tasmania (yes there’s another adventure to come!). Despite our best efforts we still managed to book our flights on the complete wrong month (website tech error) and so incurred a silly fee to change them for next week. To say that things have been troubles trying to figure out phones banks and planes is a slight understatement over these past three weeks!

Just a short entry for this day, didn’t take any photos as we did do a great deal! Here’s a few snaps of the beach anyhow