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The past two days haven’t been great weather, pretty miserable but have consisted of some retail therapy and cafe lunches! Living it up in our final few days before the farms!

Cotton On is a really cool shop in the middle of the city with some really trendy clothes in. Did I just say trendy.. now you think it’s not a cool shop don’t you… promise it is πŸ˜‰ One thing is for sure Aussies have a super dreamy style!

I finally bought a new phone so I can actually use a SIM card over here which is very useful! I had some free pancakes in the hostel and made some new pals playing beer pong!

All in all the past few days have been super chill and I haven’t stopped laughing the whole time!!

Currently awaiting a flight to Tasmania so I will catch up with things when I arrive! I’m staying with France’s friend’s auntie which is really lovely of her so it should be really cool she has wallabies and kangaroos in her garden! Hoping to see some sights (apparently it’s a beautiful country) and to find some farm work for a month!

I’ll check in soon!