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There’s not a day that goes by being here that I don’t reflect on how lucky I am to be able to discover such a beautiful country. So let me tell you about my amazing week in Tazzie!

Our hosts for the week were a lady called Annick and her partner Anthony; Annick is part of one of France’s friend’s family, how lucky we are to have met this lady. She moved to Aus over 30 years ago so in addition to her perfect French she also has a brilliant Aussie accent in English! She runs an antiques shop in Battery Point, Hobart which is in a word devine. The antiques are maritime and some date back over 200 years! I’ve had the pleasure to help out in her shop for a few days this week which has been so interesting. I’ve learned how to research silver and date I back to when it was made and what it was used for which is amazing to get an insight into what life was like in different periods of history. There’s even one piece that dates as far back as Captain Cook with papers from his exploring books when he first came to Tasmania!
Sometimes there are people you meet that make you realise you were destined to encounter; for me Annick was one of these people. Her life is full of so many interesting memories that she has shared with me and her outlook on life is so fresh it has definitely built my character. I’m a firm believer that each person you meet, good or bad, for a long or short time, build your character, teach you knew things and help to sculpt you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. To meet a woman with so much life and energy, warmth and a welcoming personality makes me so thankful that I’ve had the chance to share some amazing memories with her.

So what have we been up to you’re asking! Unfortunately the girls had to go back to Aus after a few days but we were joined by three other French boys, who camped in Annick’s garden! For the first few days we went sightseeing to a few beaches, one of which we joined Annick and Anthony in their friend’s boat cabin. Magnificent doesn’t even slightly cut the surface; a wooden interior with a bed and living area in the main cabin space with a kitchen and bathroom in the side. Long glass sliding doors grace the seafront, right on the edge of the beach. It really is the writer’s paradise!! To sit at the table, the sea wind tickling through your hair and brushing your cheeks, and stare out across the sea onto the mountains is exactly what I’ve always imagined to be a space an author could do their best work. There’s truly no price to put on the beauty of nature, it balances your soul and inspires the mind.

Mount Wellington
At 1270m Mount Wellington is a fair hour and a half uphill walk, climaxing with a very steep ascent for the last 20 Minutes to the pinnacle. The views are amazing, you can see all across Hobart. The bridge across from Hobart in fact collapsed in 1975 hurting many people and was subsequently rebuilt. The area of the Mountain, as with mostly everywhere else in Taz, was inhabited by the Aborigines and they called the mountain [[[ insert name]]]. Although the climb was tiring especially towards the end I didn’t half feel it paid off to see such an amazing view.
I also visited the Hobart Museum whilst there and learned all about the catastrophic bush fires. I’ll be being very careful with any fire around dry hot areas that’s for sure!

Working in Annick’s shop
Annick’s Antiques is embellished with so many beautiful staples of history including barometers bells hats furniture paintings and jewellery! Annick has owned her own businesses since the age of 19, just 4 years after she moved from a France to Australia. Having owned a restaurant as well she now runs her antiques shop and such a great knowledge of the history behind her collection. My role was to research new pieces she had, make labels and chat to the customers. It was so much fun to meet and chat to people that came into the shop and also to research the history of the antiques. There was a boat festival on for a few days as well so many people were around, the boats were absolutely fabulous!

Working in Annick’s garden with this view

Bruny Island
I set off with the boys to go camping for a night in Bruny Island. The three boys had bought a Land Rover Discovery so we travelled in high comfort over to the island catching the ferry. What our beauty this Island holds, it was absolute paradise. The kind of beaches I saw were like the ones you always marvel at on instagram and you wish you could be there instead of stuck at work in the rain.. well I think I’ve now become that instagrammer! What a dream to come true to discover such purity in nature. Tasmania has the cleanest and most pure air in the world, Bruny probably has the most amazing beaches too!

Aside from a not so savoury encounter with the manager of the campsite we stayed at, the camping was super fun! We stayed at Captain Cook Caravan Park which is just by the area of the island where Cook himself arrived when he first discovered the island. The area is very narrow, probably only a couple hundred meters from one side to the other like a long strip of road with only one track to travers this part of the island. The campsite itself was really nice, I found a go kart just like the one my grandma had that I played with when I was little so obviously I jumped immediately out of the car to razz around the campsite on it. The living area was cool with a full kitchen and fire, it was actually better than some hostels! The downside: the owner. It’s always the human that ruins nature I say and in this case in particular it applies. The 59 year old male co -owner of the campsite is an embarrassment to the beautiful island. A shovanistic, abusive alcoholic who quite frankly shouldn’t even be allowed to manage his own home never mind a campsite full of backpackers tourists and fishermen. Enough said on that matter, if you’d like to read more on the horrors of the campsite just click their Facebook or trip advisor and you’ll soon not want to read much of it! My bluntly honest comment will soon be up with the full story of his abhorrant behaviour !

So lastly it was the return to Hobart and the big goodbye to my lovely hosts who have become beautiful friends and the hilarious crazy and amazing boys I’ve been spending my time with this week!

Next stop : Good Coast , Surfers Paradise
Goals: work in the YHA to stay for free, get another job to get some money saved up and learn how to surf!

Tune back in soon to check out whether I beat up a shark πŸ˜‰

As always,