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Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Cooley is actually a really good location to go visit the different cities and villages along the coast. It’s about an hour or two max to get to any other places you’d like to visit in the area. Where I’m staying is just by the border of Queensland and New South Wales so if you go to the other end of the beach you actually gain an hour in time.

Lots has happened in the past few weeks, I’ve started working for the YHA to get free accommodation and I’ve met the coolest people! I worked for an App telesales company … for three days and quit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and so I’m now looking for a new job!

Ive visited Lonepine sanctuary, actually it’s just a bunch of drugged up animals so that wasn’t too cool.

We went camping in Evanhead which was beautiful, we saw the Milky Way which was super low and clear and there was lightening lighting up the whole sky. We camped by a beach so we were able to paddle and admire the scenery. Photos wouldn’t do it justice!! I’ll just have to wait for the interactive contact lenses to become cheap enough for me to record what I see teehee. Anyway the camping was amazing apart from that we got flooded by a tropical rainstorm! The tents turned into swimming pools and I turned into a massive prune being wet for so long. This was however the best camping trip I’ve ever been on!

Here’s a photo of some of the gang,

We also visited Currumbin Valley and Springbrook national park which was stunning, it’s the the centre of an old volcano and has many rock pools and waterfalls to explore! Including a natural water slide which was super fun to have a go on!


Today we visited the weird and wonderful world ofย Nimbin which was amazing, it’s a real hippie town and everything is about tie dye and hemp but boy could I spend a long time there! It’s close by to Mount Warning and a beautiful green mountainous landscape so I definitely want to return to explore the mountains!

I took myself off for the day to the other side of Springbrook and boy did I have an adventure! I did a 20km circuit which includes my first circuit to see the natural bridge and the second very long 4-5 hour circuit of the waterfalls in Springbrook rainforest’

I actually set out to do a small walk of around 2 hours however I took the wrong path and ended up hiking around what seemed like a mountain! What better an anecdote to reinforce the saying ‘a blessing in disguise’! At one part of the walk the path was blocked and not wanting to get bitten by a snake in the bushes I decided to go back to see if I could find anyone. Luckily I bumped into a small group of bush walkers so I finished my walk with them! Thank goodness I found them as well because I’m not entirely sure how I would have gotten out of that situation without back tracking completely if not!

Heres a few snaps from the waterfalls I saw an the views from the very top of the hills. I started at the Canyon Lookout and followed the trail anticlockwise to see the stunning rainbow falls last.

The natural bridge

My next planned adventure: Mount Warning for the sunrise. You have to leave to get to the summit at 2am for the sunrise but it will be well worth it! You get to be the first in Australia to have the sun hit your face! It’s a 9km walk with some rock climbing involved to get to the top but I’m very excited to get there!

Surf lessons are also a must along with the search for a new job! Preferable nowhere near a phone!

As always,