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Immersing myself into the uber-cool world of surfing couldn’t have come at a better time than the Quicksilver and Roxy Pro Surf Competition. The world’s greats pepper Snapper Rocks and offer a magnetising watch as they rip and carve through the waves of paradise. The likes of Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater and Jon Jon Florence grace our waves once again this year with a full house of pros competing and they have not disappointed; the past days’ surfing has offered some breath taking barrels, daring attempts at catching some air and impressively carved figure of eights. This is a sport I’ve never had much contact with. Skating, snowboarding and wake boarding were all checked off the list very early on, so my last obstacle to conquer, naturally, and slightly late in life, is surfing. Taught by a friend at the hostel, who is also conveniently a surf instructor, I was determined to do well. “Well” I think would be an apt yet unsuitably drab form of expression for my efforts considering how immense this sport I’ve just discovered is. I managed to stand up and didn’t get any fin injuries or bangs on the head so all is a persuasive incentive to try again! In fact I loved it so much that the same day I agreed to buy a friend’s board from her before she left so that I could practise. The way I figure it is the board cost 180$, but to hire a board for a day is 30$, if I want to become even slightly better than the classic Brit down in Cornwall I’ll definitely need a board unless I’m planning on winning the lottery any time soon. Thankfully the competition isn’t yet over, with a few days remaining to get all the heats done and the build up to the final rising, the end of the week is sure to be an explosion of sheer talent, excitement and celebrating.

Blinky Bill

An experience to say the least, and my first proper audition for a paid job. Of course I’ve done things like this before, I’ve danced around the country and worked internationally but nothing quite prepares you for being turned into a life sized bobble head character. My task was to learn a dance and read a script. Simple right? Not so much the case when you have a giant koala head on that I could probably snuggle up inside in the foetal position for a few winks. The dancing was simple, very much less so in the head attempting three to five jazz pirouettes but sufficesble all the same. Similarly reading the script in character went swimmingly, “totally outside the box I’ve never seen it done like that I’m really impressed but could you just read stood still”; i.e I don’t care if you can act like a lunatic raving around the stage, in attempts to brighten the confused look on a child’s face who’s just learned that koalas now come in giant size, just stand there and read your lines. Of course I forgot them because raving around like a lunatic is mainly what I do best. Nevertheless it could have gone worse and I’ve learned how to pirouette in a koala head …

In other news the job search is still at a sturdy impass with no signs of change any time soon. Another day no dollar as we’ve begun to say but it is indeed still another day in paradise; it’s all about the ying and yang.