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Yippitty yay finally the day has arrived and I’ve managed to get someone to employ me! I work in a quaint little café just over the road from the YHA called Mervin Roy’s. I wash the dishes make drinks and run the food which is actually so much fun with the people who work there. It’s a local family who own the place and the food and coffee is the best I’ve eaten in Cooley; I’m not even just saying that because I work there!

As you’ll have probably heard from the international news, we had a cyclone come our way over the past few days and boy is the weather annoying! We thought our area would avoid it, as the forecast predicted it would stop at Brisbane (30mins north) but as usual the weather predictions can’t ever be spot on and we did get a slight bout of cars and dogs. Thankfully Bilinga did get hit too hard but the towns surrounding us did, meaning we couldn’t really go anywhere for a few days! It’s clearing up now but the weather is still windy, cloudy and cold! The first day of the storm was in fact Jayde’s birthday! In true British fashion we had finger sandwiches, goon and of course we partied the day and night away with a refreshing dip in the rain flooded swimming pool!

So aside from that not a great deal has been happening! We have all been working our little behinds off to save up some dollar for the next adventures and of course have participated in the weekly pool party!





Unfortunately our main shape cutter Connor has been fired, wait for this… for falling asleep whilst housekeeping 😂 Although it’s a pretty hilarious story, just taking a sit down, then a lie down, then a nap and being found by the deputy manager of the hostel, we are in fact a bit (a lot) gutted to see one of our main wingmen having to part. Our rather tall ray of sunshine, and also possibly my long lost bro (you’ll get it when you see this piccy), we will all super miss seeing him constantly sleeping on the sofa and occasionally rising from his pit to party and crack a few jokes 😉 !

The Chinese eyes strike an uncanny resemblance

Cons donning my bangs and specs








This is the first year that I’ve been so far away for celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and birthdays so I thought I’d share with you a piece I wrote for my Mum on Mother’s Day~

Ode to the Nature of Nurture 

Although we are so far apart,

Remember the world is our biggest piece of art,

Wherever we are, just look at the stars

And know I’ll be looking too,

For the light casting down upon my face from this ever-expanding galaxy

Is thanks to you.

As I listen to the waves crashing down

I compare the power and beauty of nature

To that of love;

Not always predictable yet eternally protective,

These jigsaw pieces to complete my soul

Are laced together by your nurturing hand.

Although the ocean separates our physical forms,

Its beauty and charisma, like our bond, has no need to be adorned.

Ode to you and ode to us,

For ours is a friendship I will forever trust,

So come I say to the darker days,

Just try your hand with your meddling ways,

For nothing may touch us

Under the shield of our pure love.


Keep posted for the next adventures, hopefully they will be peppered with heat and sunlight and describing some magical trips to magical places.


Thanks for reading!


P.s Blinky Bill hasn’t yet confirmed my road to stardom….