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Brisbane is said to be a very artistic city with a lot of culture. That it certainly is; and very large too! However I have come to the realisation that the city just isn’t really the place for me. The hustle and bustle is just too stressful with people rushing hither and thither. The beach towns and chilled vibes are definitely more my kind of thing. In Cooly you very rarely see people in a rush or running if it isn’t for excercise or to catch the last waves of the day! I think I’ll be keeping the big cities for day trips, city breaks or nights out for the future as I much prefer the beach towns, as much of a beautiful city Brisbane is, my opinions on big cities have been surely confirmed 😂

We looked around Southport but didn’t have too much time to do a lot. There is a man made beach in the middle of the city which is seen as an iconic spot for many.





Mount Tamborine

Only 40 minutes away from Coolangatta, this is a beautiful place to visit. It isn’t just a mountain either, there’s a village in Tamborine as well which we didn’t have time to visit but it is apparently very quaint!

We went into the North of the mountain to some waterfalls and rock pools, and luckily many of us from the hostel were able to go! We took a picnic and then watched the sunset on the lookout over looking countryside.























ABC’s birthday

Another birthday brilliantly planned by our lovely lot! We set up a BBQ spot by the beach in town and decorated it with birthday madness! We boogied the night away and had a truly smashing time! Unfortunately with some commotion of us being loud and a baby living in the hostel Millie also ended up having to leave the hostel the next day because of some misunderstandings. Which didn’t hide too well for the next day being Connor’s birthday! However he did turn 21 and got a lovely signed skateboard from us all!

Byron Bay

After a morning at work for us three, we decided to go to Byron Bay in the afternoon with two of the boys we work with int he hostel. It was just the most fantastic place, peppered with unique shops that offer weird and wonderful clothes (tie die of course) along with head dresses, beads and jewelleries. I was in complete heaven! Whilst walking along the street, I hear someone shouting my name. When I turn around I see an friend from Melbourne! What a coincidence! He was visiting for a holiday and we were here for the day! Funny how things work out isn’t it!

After a food pit stop in a super cute café, we went to watch some jazz music on the grass by the beach where a band were playing. We bumped into my friend again so sat and had a beer with him and then went back home! Byron is just an amazingly relaxed and cool place to be. There’s music on every corner, people with different talents and styles throughout; it’s just the perfect place to be. Many people now say that it had become a lot less like it used to be and boy, would I have loved to be there in the 70s but it still exudes an air of cool hippie goodness!

Next adventures is a trip camping to EvansHead!

Happy Easter!