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Lakey Peak
To give a little description of the place, there is basically one path along the beach with many entrances to various places to stay. The accommodation is largely hut style made out of either bamboo or concrete with similar little shack shops for drinks and snacks. Our hut didn’t have a working shower or a flushing toilet, with the outside showers often without water. This didn’t phase me in the slightest however as it’s not the first time I’ve been in an area similar to this. Plus the sea is just beside us all the time so it wasn’t really a problem. Each entrance is to either a hotel or restaurant and there was only one restaurant with wifi in the area. Down the other end of the pathway was a really cool restaurant called The Wreck which was literally a big wooden boat on land.





My first day here I went to rent a board for two days for 15$ AU which is a really good price in comparison to what you would pay in Aus! The waves were pretty big and definitely too big for my standard but it was amazing to go out there and talk with people and get into the surf vibe of the area.

It was a slight shock to the system to see the level of surfing in the water from my experiences in Aus because here everyone was bloody good and I was the only crappy one! However it’s always better to try than to bail hey!
After a few times getting munched in the water towards the end I decided that was it for me for the morning and headed on back in. I minced around the area for a while and got some wifi after a second attempt in the afternoon and then met back up with the boys for a few Binnies. We sat by the beach and shared funny stories of things we’ve done. Times like this are just central to travelling for me. Although I probably wasn’t that similar to the guys in the sense that I wasn’t a good surfer and I didn’t have lots of surf talk, we had a good laugh and I loved listening to their surf stories and actually learned quite a lot from what they said! I also met the Indo crew that were their who were so tight. Stephan and Jerry were the main guys and were so helpful and kind to all of us. Stephan’s wife worked in the shack outside our accommodation where we would frequently sit and have a drink all together. One Indo guy I met spoke 8 different languages purely from speaking with new people and learning the lingo that way. It was pretty impressive!
The next day I attempted the surf again, this time it was a lot smaller so I practised in the whitewash for a while. It’s so easy to become discontent when learning to surf I have found because it isn’t something that you get in one day. If I can learn to be okay at it before I leave Aus then I will be content with my efforts! We all hung out at various places and got a bit loose by the evening time on the Bintangs at The Wreck. The incling of my need to get a proper shower was on the rise but quickly diminished into a job for another day after a few Bintangs.
My last day in Lakey before our mammoth adventure to the West was pretty chilled. I went with Tristan and his friend Tom to another surf spot called Cobble Stone and watched them surf for a while and played a bit with a little Indo kid hanging around the rocks. He found the maps in my book exciting and I taught him a few countries and English words. The evening consisted of a burrito which they call a taco (slightly confusing) but very delicious and packing up our things to leave the next day. This will be the first time I’ve ever been on a motorbike which is slightly daunting but I can’t wait to experience it, get over my fear and see the beautiful surroundings that we will see on the way!
Hasta luego Lakey, you’ve been an experience!