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Today we headed down to one of the most well known surf spots in the world, Supersuck. The beach is another vision of paradise and has three different waves to surf, Supers, Playground, and Doughnuts. The majority of people surf Supersuck and Playground is a more beginner wave. Our latest crew consists of Tristan and I and a couple, German lady and Argentinian man with their friend also from Argentina. Whilst the boys went surfing, the girls hung out on the beach! It is such a beautifully peaceful place, I hung out, evened out my patchy sunburn and snorkelled. We found a free parking place down a tiny dirt track which led us straight into the beach. In this area a lot of the bigger parking spots try to make you pay to leave your bike there, so we were pretty glad to have found out about this spot!






In the afternoon, when we were getting back on the bikes an alarm sounded, which to me resembled the noise of an air raid in WWII. It was in fact a tsunami alert. In a slight panic we got back onto the bikes and rode quickly back to our accommodation (around 20 minutes out). On the way we were looking for signs that the tsunami was in our area, like animals moving to higher ground or masses of people leaving an area. It occurred to me that the tower on my walk yesterday must have been a speaker for this alert. Interestingly, on the journey back everything seemed suspect. I noticed a lot of people on the road, people stood outside the petrol stops and families milling around outside their homes. However no one seemed in any real rush so put my suspicions down to pure anxiety as I had never been in a situation like this before. When we got back we were informed that the warning was for another island and that ours would not be affected.
So of course we had a few beers and chilled out for the evening.