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We were supposed to be up at 6am for the sunrise but we all ended up sticking our heads out at 7am. The first time i moved to get out of bed all my muscles cried out in tightness. I knew I would be achey but I didn’t imagine this much! We had a quick brekky and set off for the 5 hour descent walk. I said goodbye to the beautiful views and thanked my blessings for being able to have my head above the clouds for three days. The start of the walk was very steep and slippery and I didn’t trust my legs to hold me up! The ground going down was rocky and gravelly, very similar to the previous day’s ascent, and then turned into a flatter ground through jungle. Each of the very large trees were numbered and named, which I found quite lovely.

We stopped for a quick final lunch with the crew and then carried on to the end of the national park where we signed out and answered some questions for college students about the park.
We then had a small walk back to the starting point in Senaru, so we didn’t have to take transport back because we had come back across a different direction to end up at the finish.
We met back up with the guy who didn’t complete the walk at the finish area, he had been staying in the homestay. We were able to pick up our bags and we gave some tips to the porters and guide; approximately 150k each. We thought this was important because the companies that you book the tours from get a large profit in comparison to the actual workers. The team was really great and I would recommend doing this the budget way instead of paying for a luxury package. There isn’t any important difference if you are used to trekking and camping.

Here’s a copy of the route we took, starting on the left

We got a lift (included in the price) to the port above Mataram and I paid 200 extra to be taken down to Kuta.
Before we left, in true Indo style the driver’s friend, wife and baby got in the car as well. We were taking them to the airport on the way. I was unsure whether I’d ended up paying for them too but regardless I took it as it came and got on with the journey. The driver was the best one I’ve had yet in the country, he told me all about his family and his different wives, about Ramadan and even shared his friend banana with me when the sun went down.
Eventually we arrived in Akita, which would be my home for the next few days. I only booked one night in this hostel, Botchan, so that if I didn’t like it I could move to another and check out the most I could of this place. As soon as I walked in there was a massive group of people so I sat down with them and started chatting whilst I waited for the receptionist to finish praying.
The rooms were like bungalows only hostel style, one large shared bathroom which was beautifully done, a large glass shower, toilet partition and sink and mirror, the floors were marble and I felt like I’d just walked into a luxury hotel room! The bunk beds were made from bamboo, my bed was on a mezzanine level and was just a single bed next to another one; not bunk style. I was pretty happy with this!
I needed to get some food after a long day of travelling and I hadn’t ever ridden a scooter before so, reluctant to try in the dark I bumped into an English girl from my dorm and went out on the back of her bike with her friends and some guys they knew into village. Whilst I was smitten with being able to wear no shoes again, the girls found it hilarious that I refused to wear flip flops… I guess the traveller life has turned me into a true hippie! We went to the renowned Rasta Bar, where mushie shakes are advertised freely and people walk around selling mushrooms in long thin bags. Although it was perfectly safe to buy these I personally didn’t indulge! We grabbed a pizza in town and went back to some villas where the guys were staying. An Aussi man they where on holiday with had recently built this 5* resort, and that it was! The rooms step out onto a deck level pool through French sliding doors with kitchen bar and lounge across the other side. Inside a four poster king size bed takes up the majority of the room with a desk and wardrobe in one corner. Through the door in the bedroom leads to a fully tiled bathroom, which without warning goes straight outside to a luxury outdoor shower. A bit like the ones you see the celebs using on their holidays to the Maldives.
Utterly content with my day I headed back to the hostel with plans to go surfing the next day with everyone.
To another successful travel!