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Brisbane to Bribie
Ryan took us out for breakfast before we headed off to Bribie Island. We thought this was a well planned day… until Abbie lost her prescription so we ended up spending a few hours sat waiting for a doctors appointment to get another one. We then thought we would go see the national park, only when we arrived it was 4WD access only. We walked to see the signs and with the only beaches 22km away we decided that probably wasn’t worth it just to get to the beach. It was beginning to seem like everything we were planning to do on this road trip just wasn’t going to plan at all.
It was already getting on in the day so we decided to head to the Landsborough Rest Area to shake off the day with a few drinks and a BBQ. We met a fellow traveller who needed a ride after being at a Duff party but given we were a few rums in we had to say no. I tried to find our tent for him but that also was lost in the mess in the van and Abbie and Chloe were already sleeping. He stayed and chilled out for a while with us which was nice. We went to bed ready to get up the next day to hit Mapleton Falls. Hopefully this would be a better day!

Mapleton falls to Noosa
Up we got to get on the road for what we hoped would be a beautiful day looking at waterfalls and having a walk. We saw some beautiful views that’s for sure. However, the waterfall wasn’t the same as what we had seen on the internet and the walk was nice but nothing special to spend the day. In hopes as to not have another day ruined we headed off to Noosa. Although it took us over an hour to find a parking space we eventually went to the tourist information to find out about our canoeing plans the next day, having learned that we may need to ask for some advice along the way to make the trip slightly more smooth.

We went into the national park to find the fairy pools which, of course, were closed due to weather. We walked around to a little bay called Tea Tree, which is also a good spot to find some fun waves to surf. We found some Little Rock pools which were very beautiful and hung out at the beach for a while before heading off to Elanda camping ground. We arrived at dusk and the camp site was peppered with wild kangaroos an it was right next to a lake. We BBQ’d some snags and got an early night to get up for the canoeing!

A reasonably early start of 7.30 allowed us to get out in the canoes by around 9. We followed a map to find the Everglades. This is the only area in the world where you can see Everglades as the only other place is in Florida and the water is full of crocs… definitely not a destination for humans! Chloe and I set off not too badly in the canoes but Abbie and Jayde managed to capsize theirs the second they got in, landing face first in the freezing cold water. Good job we had taken the waterproof bags offered to us or else we would have had another pickle on our hands! It took us a good hour to row to the I formation point just before the Everglades which felt like a century after our shoulders got quickly fatigued! We stopped for a snack at the jetty and then carried on through to the Everglades. We saw a water lizard on our way but no sharks or turtles (thankful for the no sharks!). The Everglades is a river with jungle on either side, and it was very beautiful!




We rowed back and ended up getting out half way and pushing the boat because the current was so strong once we got back into the lake area. Chloe and I finished the journey first and although we had seen the girls behind us, they were no longer anywhere to be seen. I got a call from Jayde to say they had managed to capsize their boat onto a little island not far from the finishing point. With it full of water they couldn’t turn it over again as it was trapped over some trees in the lake. Thankfully some other kayakers came to their rescue to flip the boat over and they made it back to shore drenched and slightly chilly. Of course there couldn’t be an end to a day without some hilarious disaster, but the main thing is that we always manage to laugh about it in the end!

Exhausted we showered and headed out to Six Mike Creek in Glanmire to sleep so that we were close to Tin Can Bay in the morning to see some dolphins!