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After a chilled (not so chilled internally) morning of sorting flights, money and scooter riding, we met the guys at their accommodation and rode off to a beach around 30 minutes away. On a side note, Botchan offers free banana pancakes with honey and peanut butter and tea, coffee and water. Not only for breakfast but they leave this all available throughout the day! We chose our boards to rent, ate some lunch and got on the board to head over to the surf spot. I usually think it’s such a get out to take a boat but in this case you definitely needed one. It was a good 10-15 minutes on the boat to get to the spot. The wave was a right hand reef break and it was perfect for learning and practising. The unfortunate thing about this wave was that although there were many people, which is usual for this area, there was no organisation of who would take the waves. Due to the amount of instructors in the water and the number of us beginners coupled with the Indo kids absolutely shredding the playful waves, there were some moments of carnage. The sets were in four or fives with two killers starting the set and the last two or three really nice, fun waves.

We spent a good few hours in the water and as the tide got a little too low we decided to call it quits so as not to get cut up by the reef.
We headed off for a shower and a Bintang. It was the girls’ last night so we went to eat at El Bazar. It was by far the nicest restaurant I had been in in Indonesia, however I personally found it very expensive in comparison to any other restaurant and probably not worth it for a full meal. If you plan to holiday with a lot of money then this is the perfect place for you, however a backpackers budget doesn’t really stretch this far. Thankfully I hadn’t got down to low numbers just yet!

My second day in Kuta I made some other friends in the hostel and went down to the beach with them. The ride over to this beach was beautiful, up over the headland and down into another beach town. Places to recommend in this direction (right out of the bottom of Kuta rather than left) would be Ashetari for yoga and healthy cafe with a beautiful view, and secret beach (not so secret being signposted) for snorkelling. Just after this beach is a bay where the better surfers go; the waves are much bigger than any of the more touristy places and is full of locals shredding the waves on a good swell.
In the evening we got some super cheap street food, nasi goreng which had become my classic, for 15k, that’s $1.50! The portion was enough for two people as well, so compared to the night before I was thrilled!

My last half day in Kuta, I was sad to be leaving but equally very excited to get back to my friends! I went into the village with some of the crew to get some last bits sorted for my transport and some Bintang beer holders. Rain was threatening the skies and whilst grabbing a bite the heavens opened and didn’t stop. Within five minutes riding back I was completely soaked and rather worries that my flight may be cancelled!
It was then time to leave to catch my flight from Lombok to Bali and then Bali back to Brisbane. This has by far been the best experience I have ever had. Not only have I been able to travel around Indo on a motorbike thanks to my friend, but I have also done a week travelling completely solo, sorting everything out alone and do exactly what makes me happy. This has given me the confidence to know that I can do it alone and I have learned that forward planning is always key to travelling well, even if it’s just a place to stay for the night!