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After two days of chilling watching the surfing and meeting new people it was time to leave West Sumbawa. I was sure that I wouldn’t find another place quite like it and it would stay in my memories as a place of paradise. We set off at 6am to pass through Scar for the guys to have a surf, and as a half way point to the ferry. Unfortunately my trainers were stolen from the bungalow, but at least some Indo person will have some new sneaks. It was only another hour to the ferry port in the north. For 25k each we took the slow ferry (for bikes) and hung out with some Indonesian police and money transporters. The ferry ride was really beautiful to see all the other islands. I could see Rinjani from the ferry peaking its head into the clouds; tomorrow I will be trekking to the summit!










We arrived in Lombok and rode around looking for a taxi to take me to Senaru. With little success asking the locals, we realised that taxis were not a thing here. Talking to a local in a hardware store who spoke very little English, his friend stopped by because he could speak English. He said he had a friend with a car and to come to his house. Although this could probably have been pretty sketchy we followed and he left us at his house with his two friends. We spent a while sat outside with them speaking in broken English and Indonesian, learning some new sentences and trying to explain that yes we are over twenty but no we aren’t married; something that is uncommon for their society! Thankfully the guy arrived with his friend and a car and after negotiating 300k for the journey Tristan and I said our goodbyes for the next part of our adventures.
Five minutes into the journey I came as close as I think I ever had to having a meltdown as I realised I had left my handbag in Tristan’s board bag so back we went to catch him on the road; being an idiot I hadn’t done the idiot check!
Baggage check regulated we hit the road once again. Going through the towns I had little idea of where I was going, heading over on loose directions from other travellers, and with no place to stay reserved for when I got there. Not the wisest idea for travelling alone but things always work out. The journey was cool and the guys were pleasant. The driver gave me the slight impression that he hadn’t driven very frequently with some drastic gear changing issues up the hills and a few stalls but we arrived in one piece and I didn’t need to wear my bike helmet in the car!

Senaru is a little village with tour shops for the mountains suffocating the sides of the main street. After visiting a few and making no concrete decisions I paid the taxi men and went to speak to some fellow tourists I saw in the street. Equally as confused as myself, this couple became the first of my team members as we went to barter with a company named Pondoc Senaru.

Prices range from 1-2million (100-200$) on average. These prices go from budget tours to the VIP style where there are more porters with you (apparently) and the food is better with more water supplies. Plus this expensive package gets you a camping stool on a mat for eating. For me the standard was good enough I felt no desire to trek up a mountain in luxury. In fact this to me is just seriously uncool. After a while we stalled on a price of 1.1 and I bagged myself some free walking boots for the trip as well. Although we still felt that we had been conned and the man we were buying off was either making fun of us or knew he would con us further at another point of the trip, we were happy to have finally sorted something for tomorrow after an incredibly tiring day of travelling for all! I went up to Anak Rinjani where the others were staying to eat dinner but they had no rooms available so they organised with their uncle for me to stay in his homestay, Rinjani Homestay. The meal was super cheap and cheerful and the staff were hilarious. The room was 15$ for a private double bed room with bathroom so I was happy! We went to have a quick meeting to find out the itinerary of the trip and were dropped off at our lodges. I organised my rucksack for the next day to start trekking and got an early night!