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The resort is situated in a high end housing complex by a port and the town is a big fishing place. There is another large area of land at the bottom of the complex which will be turned into a huge holiday park with a swimming pool, slides, caravan spots and cabins.

Our place runs along the river, with each cabin’s balcony looking out over the river. Found just off Bruce Highway we can all see the potential this place has to become a really cool spot. This makes it even nicer doing the work because we can see what needs to be done to make it great. We work 1.5 hours a day each for free accommodation which is by far the easiest we have ever had it. Our boss doesn’t care what time we start so long as we make some progress every day. The cabins, although they will be nice, are currently full of dirt, dust, old appliances and general crap so we have to get them up to a standard where they can be rented out again. This means fully cleaning them, taking out things that don’t work, and eventually decorating them to look liveable again. There are some boys who come down to do the gardening and our boss sorts out everyone else; lights, electricity, fixing cupboards, jet washing the outside etc. It’s a mammoth job and will take him months to complete, but hopefully with our help for a few weeks he will get a bit more done than he would on his own!

He also was kind enough to take us out fishing after work this Sunday. He owns a tinny boat so we accompanied him out to Hitchinbrook Island and learned to fish.

We used just a bit of plastic string and a hook with bait on the end. After a good hour of trying out different baits and areas, I actually caught a fish! I think it was pure luck to be quite honest, I had no idea what I was doing but either way it was one for dinner! The only problem was, now I had to kill it. I was shown how to do this one as I’ve never done it before with the promise I would kill the next one. Our boss then caught the biggest cod I’ve ever seen just with the line and hook! He also caught one on the hook but it was so big and heavy that it snapped the rod and we never found out what fish it was! It could have been a bull shark or a baramuda because of the weight. We caught a little cod as well which we would give to our boss’ friend who helped us put the boat in.

My first ever fishyyyyy!!!

This one I killed. It was pretty gruesome but I think I could survive a desert island now. We visited The Haven on Hitchinbrook, which is the largest island national park in Australia. It was beautiful although infested with mosquitos! You can trek across the island for three days or climb the many mountains that scatter the sea level.

We headed back out for an hour of night time fishing but didn’t catch anything else so we made our way back in to cook up a feast!
I learned how to gut and fillet a fish and then we cooked up some bits to go with the fish on the BBQ. What an amazing day and what a lovely boss to have taken the care to take us out.

We really have landed on our feet after a week of despair! Onwards and upwards as they say! Our search for farm work is still ongoing, as is the goon addiction, and we have now started making our own board games as entertainment! The newest one: All Star Mrs, Mrs and Mrs! Hello 2017 version of the famous couples game haha!