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When I began my journey on the farm, everything seemed so backward and so different to both what I expected or had ever experienced before. I felt as if I’d walked into a completely new world, where backpackers turn into robots, have no worth to their employers and had led freedom than a pet dog. To extent this is partly still the case, but significantly fractional. In fact, what I have learned is to work in a different mind set, with a certain respect and appreciation of the way my culture and work ethic can differ vastly from my employer’s and even my peers. Equally, as hard as some days at work can be, outside of work is completely different. Employers and employees hang out together, learning about one another, laughing and joking. Once I was able to get to know them, and they me, everything seemed much less daunting. Working hard during the day and not being idle to get stuck into anything has been the best way for me to show I am hardworking and trustworthy, but that I can have fun as well. It’s a crazy yet beautiful world here, and so interesting and entertaining to watch.

We’ve had several trips to the beach, and one amazing camping trip on our days off.
We went down to Harvey Bay for one of them which will stay as one of my most memorable days in Bundy. We took two cars and a mini van, music blaring, beers in the back and a picnic prepared. We spent until sundown laughing and making beautiful memories together. A particular highlight for me was a couple of Aussie runt kids accosting us on the beach leading to a cookie fight and us being called a bunch of “faking hippies”, which for us was the ultimate compliment. To finish the day, we all walked back through the town singing Tenacious D songs as I pretended (very badly) to play the guitar.

Recently, our two bosses organised a camping trip for us. They found a camping spot right next to the beach and bought two huge coolers of assorted alcohols and BBQ food for us. We set up three large tents and Korean BBQ lined down the road way which we sat around and ate and chatted. This was the first time that everyone from the hostel and share houses had been together, eating, drinking and laughing since I joined the hostel. It was a lovely experience to get more connected to people I hadn’t had the chance to yet. Of course when camping, not everything goes perfectly. One tent fell down got blown down pretty early on by the high winds, and by the time I went to bed I ended up sleeping in a half collapsed tent. I woke up with some feelings of claustrophobia as the once partly erect tent was now completely covering my whole face and body. I had no idea where I was or what was going on, but I didn’t really have a care in the world!

We’ve had a few rainfalls which led to the empty swimming pool being filled up, unfortunately it’s far too dirty for swimming! We also had some newly adopted sofa chairs that we found on the street and re homed that have been drowned in the rain.

Recent activities have led to hitchhiking home from the beach (which is apparently illegal in Bundy; we only found this out afterwards), and spending a day rocking around a car park at the rum distillery for the Spirit of Bundaberg festival. A friend managed to secure us some free tickets to the tour as well, it was an unforgettable day of laughs and craziness.







I’m making some truly amazing memories here, and it only confirms everything I believe about travelling. Getting out of your comfort zone puts you in the most amazing company and experience. With only 20 days to go on the farm now, let’s hope they will be so,e last days to remember!

Always, โœŒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’š